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Reclaim Our Schools Thunderclap

January 19 - 20, 2017
All Day
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Tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th our local union will be joining with thousands across the country to voice support for public education through AROS (The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools).  Locally, we are sponsoring a social media THUNDERCLAP to get the message across that we will resist all efforts to privatize, delegitimize, and stigmatize public schools and the dedicated professionals who work in them.  Our THUNDERCLAP is a coordinated, timed posting on social media with the same message of great public schools for everyone.

 How can you easily participate in this effort?  Click on the link below and agree to allow the THUNDERCLAP message to post at noon on Jan. 19th on your social media (Facebook and Twitter).  That’s it.  Then, forward this message on to friends and other like-minded community supporters.  We’ve seen in recent months the importance of social media to get people talking.  Now you can be part of it.